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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America

Hector Buitrago

By Marty Lipp
Published March 20, 2007



The Colombian band Aterciopelados has steadily expanded its worldwide audience, so it was surprising when singer Andrea Echeverri released a solo album in 2005. Now, the second half of the duo, Héctor Buitrago, has released his own. Is this the end? Just a couple of cuts into Buitrago’s album, fans might understandably think they are listening to a new Aterciopelados release: there is Echeverri. In fact, she is on 10 of 11 cuts. While Buitrago goes a bit into more obscure musical territory and explores Eastern spirituality, there are a few tunes that could be Aterciopelados’. Either way, Buitrago’s “solo” album finds him favoring exploration over propulsion, densely layering elements from both the ancient and modern. Conector confirms Buitrago’s talent for arranging, as well as the wisdom of choosing Echeverri as a musical partner. It stands on its own, but won’t make up for the absence of a genuine Aterciopelados comeback disc.