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Think Of One

By Tom Jackson
Published March 16, 2007

Crammed Discs CRAW 30

Think of One are notoriously hard to pin down. They don't make things any easier on themselves by working under several different names (their North African adventures appear under the Marrakech Emballages banner). The Antwerp collective have a mission to break down borders, musical and national, and they take their van and traveling stage on the road to do it. The core members are a brass-heavy party outfit whose trombone and tuba provide a barrage of crowd-riling bottom. Their latest impromptu street party was in Recife, where they recruited a team of serendipitous local collaborators, including among the guests, 67-year-old Dona Cila Do Côco. Flemish and Brazilian Portuguese collide as they take on the rhythms of the Brazilian northeast: côco, forró and more. An enduring love of kitsch adds another layer to versions of "Samba Belga" and "Maracatu Misterioso", which could be theme tunes to lost ’60s television shows.