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World Music CD Reviews Europe


By Paula Kirman
Published March 16, 2007

Circular Records CR009

A classical and Klezmer performer of Russian background, a jazz guitarist from Scotland, and a former player in a Gypsy band, also of Russian extraction. Three sets of strings: one guitar, two fiddles. One band: Koshka. Shara is a selection of songs that ranges from the energetic styles of Stephane Grappelli to original compositions that range from energetic and whimsical to slow and serious. In fact, with the exception of one song, all of the music on Shara is original. All three musicians are extremely proficient on their instruments, showing off feats of fretboard acrobatics. The sound leans heavily on the Gypsy side, with elements of jazz and classical, as well as the “hotbed” style made famous by artists like Grappelli and Django Reinhardt. Most of the songs are short and sweet, and draw the listener in – then end, leaving them wanting more. Musicians of this caliber deserve a listen.