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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America

Various Artists

By Doug Merlino
Published March 16, 2007

Made In Brasil
Wordsound 052


There isn’t a drop of baile funk on this compilation of beat-heavy Brazilian music. There is plenty of hip-hop, dub, drum and bass, electronic and a bit of samba. Many artists mix genres within songs, using Brazilian beats as the base upon which they pile sonic layers. On “Cabeça Voar,” Maga Bo takes a drum rhythm that could fire a carnival parade and adds faux-jazzy guitar and slinky female vocals. “E Drums” by DJ Klos also features a propulsive beat, layered with percussion and electronic buzzes. Sonar Calibrado pairs a stuttering snare with deep bass on “Respeitar a Bateria.” Some artists throw in a little of everything: Quinto Andar fuses ska-inflected horns, wah-wah guitar, congas, echoing voices and a dubby bassline on “Ritmo do Nosso Pais.” Electronic beats, traditional Brazilian percussion, twangy guitar, snatches of reggae and brash vocals, rapping, dub, whatever—anything goes, as long as it sounds good.