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By Shavana Wong
Published March 16, 2007

IMP 6202256


At first listen, Elisete’s second release, Longing (Gaagua’), is a samba- and jazz-fused collection of easy listening songs. It seems like perfect background music for slow nights sipping drinks at a café, or an easy life on sunny beaches. Elisete, born in Brazil, has been living in Israel since 1991. She has picked up the Hebrew language and combined it with Portuguese, which blend gives her music its own unique sound. Her work is a reflection of her experiences in Brazil and Israel, and she takes pride in not only writing the songs but being involved in the production aspects of her music as well. On Longing, Elisete croons about love, overcoming depression and making oneself happy. Her vocals are strong and smooth, mixing well with piano and various string instruments. The album emits good vibes and lots of ever-present Brazilian rhythm. File this one under smooth groovin’ tunes.