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Dub Trio

By Matt Scheiner
Published March 16, 2007

New Heavy
ROIR 8298

Taking a slight departure from its previous release Exploring The Dangers Of, Dub Trio’s New Heavy thrashes through a knotty thicket of double-bass-tinged hard rock while somehow maintaining its dub roots, a mix that might seem familiar to listeners old enough to remember the late-’80s act Blind Idiot God. The NYC-based crew adds vocals for the first time, inviting legendary rocker Mike Patton into their eclectic, raucous world on “Not Alone,” a track less than trickled with dub. Spinning in and out of control, Dub Trio manages to lay down a groove-soaked “Table Rock Dub” with twittering delight. “One Man Tag Crew” and “Screaming At The Sea” fold nicely into driving dub-rock, switching between the two styles effortlessly. Although Dub Trio is masterful at mixing the opposing genres of rock and dub, New Heavy has cooked up a sound that may prove to be indigestible for some seasoned dub heads.