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Dr. Israel Presents: Dreadtone International @ S.O.B.'s
March 6, 2007 - March 6, 2007

S.O.B.’s has been a leader in Reggae music in NYC since it opened, bringing the best of dub, dancehall and classic Reggae live to New Yorkers for nearly 25 years. Dr. Israel is a Brooklyn-based artist influenced by dub reggae as well as jungle and drum'n'bass. He has toured Europe several times and released a number of acclaimed albums such as Inna City Pressure, 7 Tales of Israel and Dr. Israel and Brooklyn Jungle.

Now, Dr. Israel teams up with two fresh and unique talents in their own right, Lady K and Chemda, to form Dreadtone International. Both relatively new to the public, Chemda is best known as a vocalist for electronica group Conjure One, while Lady K hooked up with Dr. Israel via a CraigsList add he placed for a female vocalist.

Teaming up with Chemda and Lady K, Dr. Israel made the album Patterns of War, his first release in over 3 years. Dr. Israel’s soulful production, deep vocals, and global-urban consciousness allow Patterns of War to freely roam the earth while remaining grounded in Brooklyn’s gritty streets. Characterized by heavy bass lines, thundering beats, beautiful melodies, pristinely produced vocals, and conscious lyrics, Patterns of War paints an overall soundscape, which is as powerful as it is unique. Dreadtone International will perform for the first time in NYC on March 6th at S.O.B.’s.

S.O.B.’s: 204 Varick St. @ Houston, 1 Train to Houston.

For tickets, call 212-243-4940.