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Bonde Do Role Sign To Domino Records
Published February 6, 2007

The Brazilian trio's newest single "Solta O Frango" will be released April 10th, 2007.

Domino are delighted to announce the signing of Bonde Do Role. Hailing from Curitiba, in Southern Brazil, the band - Marina, Pedro and Gorky, create funk carioca in a rockin' way. Their hip new party sound is the sound of now, taking the Baile funk rhythms of their homeland and mashing them up, rapping in their native tongues. The band were discovered by their mentor and our favourite DJ, Diplo, who they'll be playing with at the following club shows, before heading to SXSW and Winter Music Conference for more Diplo shows and a few east coast headline dates. Full details to be announced soon.

The band's first single for Domino 'Solta O Frango' will be released on the 10th of April, with the as-yet-unnamed album following June 5th. But first, the band will release a remix EP via Diplo's Mad Decent imprint at the end of January, featuring 'Gasolina' remixed by Radio Clit, Buraka Som Sistema and Scotty B and King Tut, plus an extended mix of the album version.

"Bonde Do Role is like diggin through the garbage in Brazil and using the pieces and making a club mess turned up the volume plus 10. It's like death samba metal bass with Cool Edit Pro cause I already played out that "novo" Beastie Boys thing." - Diplo

"It's funny that we have signed exactly with Domino 'cause the first time we went to Europe Gorky said that if one day Domino invite us to join their cast, he would have one of his dreams coming true, and we all agreed with that...and now...IT'S TRUE!!!" - Bonde Do Role

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