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American Voices Presents Concerts by American Jazz Performers and Traditional Afghan Musicians
Published February 6, 2007

American Voices has announced details of their Jazz Bridges Afghanistan concerts in London and Frankfurt.

February 4,­ 8 PM- ­ Jazz Bridges Afghanistan will be presented at Union Chapel on Compton Avenue in London, England. This will continue the series of hugely successful performances staged by American Voices in Afghanistan with The Mike del Ferro Trio and vocalist CoCo York as well as a group of Afghan traditional musicians (playing the Dilruba Tabla Rhubab and harmonium) and UK based Jazz musicians the Mondesir Brothers. This will be an exclusive UK performance.

Tickets for this concert are £12.00 and £10.00. For tickets and more information, please contact Union Chapel at 020-7226-1686.

February 6 ­ 7:30 PM-­ Jazz Bridges Afghanistan will again be presented at the Orient Palace, Vilbeler Landstrasse 36 in Frankfurt, Germany, again with The Mike del Ferro Trio and vocalist CoCo York as well as a group of Afghan traditional musicians (playing the Dilruba Tabla Rhubab and harmonium).

Tickets for this concert are available by calling 069-4080-6477.

The London and Frankfurt performances continuing a series of performance and recording projects begun in Burma, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. The original January 2006 Jazz Bridges Afghanistan project brought together American Voices' Pianist and Executive Director, John Ferguson, the Mike Del Ferro Jazz Trio and vocalist CoCo York, a recording technician and two groups of Afghan traditional musicians (playing the Tabla, Dilruba, Rhubab, Tablas and Harmonium) and pop musicians for three concerts broadcast on national television and recorded for documentary release.

The American performers presented the first concerts by American artists for the Afghan public in over twenty-five years. The concerts were met with an ecstatic reception by the Afghan public who were literally dancing in the aisles to the Jazz renditions of popular Afghan songs such as the traditional 'Flower Girl of Kabul' and Ahmad Zahir's 'Laily Laily Jan'. Many remarked that the collaborative concerts heralded a much-desired return to normality in the cultural life of the nation.

In addition to being the first Jazz concerts in Afghanistan in over 25 years, these concerts were also the first performances of American music by U.S. musicians for an Afghan public since the fall of the Taliban, as well as the first interaction between Kabul-based popular and traditional musicians and Jazz musicians of U.S. in Afghanistan. The CD and DVD will be the first recording of the synthesis of Afghan traditional and American jazz styles.

American Voices was founded in 1992 to further appreciation and understanding of American music and culture, especially in developing countries or those lacking opportunities for cultural exchange and dialogue with the United States. It was also founded in response to new opportunities for cultural dialogue between the United States and the newly independent countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Since then, Houston-based American Voices has evolved into the only American musical organization committed to interactive performances and education in the Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries currently so prominent in world affairs: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait and Egypt among many others.