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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


By Marty Lipp

Proibido Cochilar: Sambas for Sleepless Nights

This group carries the musical tradition of northeastern Brazil forward with a bit of rock ’n’ roll spirit. Traditionally ignored by the rest of Brazil, northeastern music has always offered a high-spirited release for the hardscrabble rural folk trying to coax a living out of the dry landscape. In recent years, a younger generation of musicians has turned heads with the mangue beat movement, revitalizing old styles. Though the death of leading light Chico Science took the wind out of its sails somewhat, the movement has continued, under the radar. Proibido Cochilar starts off with some juiced-up traditional music, then moves a bit into jam-band spaciness. The album’s last few cuts fuse contemporary and traditional sounds. “Batuque Para Duerte” takes a maracatú rhythm and funks it up, while “Espinhos” sounds like progressive rock. “Magistrado Ladrão” cruises on a skittering drum-and-bass groove, while “Zabe Sabe” starts with a snare drum and solo voice, slowly sliding into electronica. Cabruêra doesn’t revolutionize northeastern music, but they add a great new chapter with an album that delivers consistently.