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World Music CD Reviews Europe


By Paul-Emile Comeau
Published January 5, 2007

Desires: The Romantic Collection

The fact that Armik’s albums have risen high on the Billboard New Age charts can be taken either as a ringing endorsement or as a warning. The very title Desires: The Romantic Collection offers reason enough for trepidation. In fact, this is a compilation that draws from five previous albums that the nuevo flamenco guitarist released on his Bolero label. As evidenced by the flow of the material, Armik’s albums don’t stray too far from a homogeneous style, one that is, as the title states, mostly romantic. That’s not to imply that his mood-inducing music is intended for lovers. The lead-off title track, for example, is one of two new cuts, and its beautiful melody evokes a strong yet indeterminate sense of place, possibly Paris, or somewhere in Spain or Italy. Armik’s music would undoubtedly be an asset to hip boutiques if used as a musical backdrop. The man is clearly a prolific composer as well as a dazzling guitarist, and Desires seems so representative of his music that there’s probably no need for potential fans to look beyond this compilation.