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World Music CD Reviews Europe


By Stacy Meyn
Published January 5, 2007


Sicilian-born Swanyce (pronounced swoowoniece) is comfy with a multitude of instruments and languages and an even longer list of job titles: composer, orchestral and choral arranger, scorer, singer/songwriter, lyricist, harpist, keyboardist, electronic music programmer/synthesist and sound engineer. Trained at the Milan Music Conservatory, it wasn’t long before Swanyce came to America to rock out, penning songs for Great White and contributing to A String Tribute To Sonic Youth. Nevertheless, it is plush orchestration that sways Swanyce’s heart the most, as she stuffs this disc to bursting with Kurzweil and Yamaha keyboards, Opus 1 software and plentiful overdubs of her own vocal harmonies in English, French, Spanish and Latin. Mario Esposito guests on classical guitar. Enchanted chronicles her ethereal travels through “In The Name Of Love,” “A Time For Heaven,” “The Little Harp’s Tale,” “Long Is The Night” and more, recorded in such exotic locales as Milan and Sherman Oaks. Swanyce claims the album’s dominant theme is “magic,” and her soundtrack delivers the goods.