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Global Rhythm Collector's CD

December 2006 World Music CD
Published December 1, 2006

Thomas Mapfumo, Cirque Du Soleil, Rafa El Tachuela and more…

01 Thomas Mapfumo “Kuvarira Mukati (Suffer In Silence)” (Real World) 7:09

02 Cirque Du Soleil “Nos Dejo” (Cirque Du Soleil Musique) 4:24

03 Rafa El Tachuela “Juntos En La Inspiracion” (ARC Music) 5:12

04 Makadem “Nya Nairobi” (ARC Music) 2:22

05 Felle Vega “La Mujer De Los Codos Sucios” (NPG) 9:07

06 Electric Junkyard Gamelan “Closer To Heaven” (Independent) 3:09

07 Various Artists “O Come All Ye Faithful” (Real World) 3:33

08 Lindsey Schust “Café Con Leche” (Independent) 4:53

09 Anne Roos “Mairi’s Wedding” (Cambria Master Recordings) 2:47

10 Kent D. Jensen “El Peligro De La Verdad” (Independent) 5:20

11 Ross Crean “Leaving New York"(Independent)5:57

12 Noemi Liba “Rain” (Independent) 4:09

13 Bryan Grant “Think Of Me” (Independent) 3:48