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An Evening Of Jewish Music: A Lid Un A Tfile - A Song And A Prayer
Published December 5, 2006

Art of Time Ensemble, Artistic Director and pianist Andrew Burashko's innovative chamber group, is pleased to present a night of Jewish music with Eastern European roots.

An Evening of Jewish Music: A Lid Un A Tfile - A Song and a Prayer, January 18 & 19, 2007 at 8pm at Harbourfront Centre Theatre, 231 Queens Quay West in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This soulful exploration of Eastern European-inspired music, new and old, features, along with the Art of Time Ensemble, the most outstanding musicians in Canada who use their Jewish roots as a springboard for their cutting-edge interpretations on the genre: David Buchbinder (trumpet), Marilyn Lerner (piano), Martin van de Ven and Lori Freedman (clarinets) and David Wall and Monica Whicher (singers). Abstract film imagery by Jarek Obsadny accompanies some of the music.

Burashko chose the subtitle - A Lid Un A Tfile translated as A Song And A Prayer - in honor of the importance music plays in Jewish religious and secular life and to celebrate the diversity of Jewish music today. The concert explores Ashkenazi (Eastern-European Jewry) musical themes in a diverse array of compositions ranging from traditional doinas (traditional song/chant) and classical compositions such as Osvaldo Golijov's Tenebrae, John Zorn's Kol Nidre and Sergei Prokofiev's Overture on Hebrew Themes to traditional and original klezmer and folk tunes by Wall and Lerner and jazzy scores and improvisations by Buchbinder and van de Ven.

Truly, this is an evening of music not to be missed. Whether it be traditional, avant-garde or classical, each piece echoes its rich Jewish roots. One of the highlights of this evening filled with brilliance is that each half closes with a different treatment of the same Hebrew musical themes: Act One with traditional klezmer-inspired riffing from Buchbinder, Lerner and van de Ven; Act Two with Prokofiev's version of the same themes in his classical Overture on Hebrew Themes performed Burashko and the Art of Time Ensemble.

Program Information:

The beautiful voice of David Wall (solo artist, lead singer with Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, formerly of Bourbon Tabernacle Choir) begins the concert with a traditional doina. He will be joined by the unique and daring stylist Martin van de Ven (Beyond the Pale) on clarinet for a very earthy jam/ improvisation on the tune, which then morphs into van de Ven playing the same doina with string quartet accompaniment. Sweet soul music in its truest sense.

Osvaldo Golijov, a contemporary classical Argentine composer, currently co-composer in residence at the Chicago Symphony, originally wrote this haunting work that speaks of the pain hiding beneath beauty for the St. Lawrence String Quartet. The piece showcases the stunning soprano of Monica Whicher, the fabulous reed-playing of