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Miles Copeland Making A PBS Documentary Film As Part Of Post-9/11 Series
Published November 8, 2006

The film will document collaborations between Arab and American artists as they try and find common ground in the studio and on stage.

The PBS Documentary is part of the biggest series ever undertaken by the Corp for Public Broadcasting: 16 films about America since Sept 11. The series will start broadcasting nationally in April 07.  According to Copeland, "My film is titled 'Dissonance and Harmony' and is the only non political one in the series but it still relates to the two worlds communicating with each other, in this case through music and appreciation of it." 

Most of the film has been shot in Cairo, Beirut, Amman and Dubai but the last and most important will be the parts shot in Los Angeles where American/Western musicians/composers/producers together collaborate with an Arab group in order to seek common ground through music.  

The artists confirmed for the filming and the show are listed below. The Los Angeles sessions begin when the Arab artists arrive on the 5th and will finish by the evening of the 8th.

No more than one day per song is expected from each artist, but Copeland is hoping artists will be up for working on several songs with different artists.  "We would like all collaborators to be at the show on the 9th as part of the audience if not performing," Copeland says. "Guests are welcome. There will be an invited audience of music industry and film people.  We will film various parts of the process."

At the performance the Arab artists will "present" their music and hopefully any collaborations that are ready. 

The Arab artists involved are: Ilham Al Madfai, Saad Al Sughrier, Tania Salah,Weil Koudaih, Tareq al Nasser, Naseer Shamma, and Waroud.