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Japan Society Joins A Shortlist Of Great American Organizations When It Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary
Published November 8, 2006

The venerable institution celebrates its 100th Anniversary from January 2007 through May 2008, presenting over a year of special programming in the areas of arts and culture, business, education, and public policy.

Founded in 1907, Japan Society joins a shortlist of venerable NY-based American institutions when it celebrates its 100th Anniversary from January 2007 through May 2008. Presenting over a year of special programming in the areas of arts and culture, business, education, and public policy, events will occur throughout New York City and in Japan with further national and international reach through traveling exhibitions, performing arts tours, fellowships and exchanges.

In addition to regular programming, Japan Society's centennial highlights include the Centennial Speakers Series, featuring discussions by some of the top business leaders and policymakers in Japan and the U.S. (Jan 07-May 08); Big Dance Theater's The Other Here, a world premiere commissioned by Japan Society (Feb 07); Awakenings: Zen Figure Painting In Medieval Japan, the first major exhibition of its kind in more than 30 years (March 07); the Centennial Gala, a veritable red carpet birthday bash honoring luminaries in U.S.-Japan relations with centennial honorary committee co-chairs David Rockefeller and Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda (May 07); Tech Epoch, an 11-day summit with interactive demonstrations, cutting-edge robotics, and multimedia performances (May-June 07); JAPAN CUTS, Japan Society's first large-scale film festival of contemporary film, presenting premiere features, documentaries and shorts (July 07); Noh and Kyogen in the Park, al fresco performances of ancient plays performed by the most distinguished artists from Japan (July 07); the 100th Anniversary Alumni Reception for Educators, festivities for 100+ teachers who have participated in Japan Society's Educators Study Tours (August 07); Making a Home: Japanese Artists in New York, a homegrown exhibition showcasing an array of contemporary artists from Japan who live and work in NYC; Turning Japanese, a city-wide performing arts collaboration (Fall 07); and high-profile events in Japan such as the U.S.-Japan Innovators Project symposium Partners in Change: The Future of U.S.-Japan Collaboration in Tokyo (Fall 07), and the Centennial Reception in Japan, a culminating reception hosted by influential Japanese and U.S. VIPs (Spring 08). A Centennial Press Preview will be held Thursday, November 29, 2006.

Japan Society has evolved over nearly 100 years into an internationally recognized nonprofit, nonpolitical organization that offers opportunities to experience Japanese culture; fosters sustained and open dialogue on issues important to the U.S., Japan, and East Asia; and improves access to information on Japan. Currently Japan Society presents over 100 events annually, engaging and informing executives, civic leaders, artists, educators, students, and a broad audience of global cultural consumers. Since 1907 the Society has produced thousands of conferences, exhibitions, performances, screenings, tastings, symposia, lectures, seminars, classes, workshops and exchanges.