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Bounty Killer Announces Big Plans 
Published November 2, 2006

The dancehall icon has inked a new record deal with VP Records that will see the release of a new all-star project called The Alliance and new Bounty Killer solo album in 2007

Bounty Killer is pleased to announce the signing of a new label venture with VP Records, once again breaking ground for Dancehall Reggae artists. In the deal, which is the first of its kind, Bounty's newly-formed Me-Is-A-Rebel Music will be initially releasing two exciting projects under the new deal with VP Records.

An all-star group entitled The Alliance has been called controversial, enigmatic, prolific and many other things, but no one denies that the Alliance will include some of the hottest and most exciting Dancehall acts alive today. The group's full-length concept album will feature all the established Alliance superstars, plus the next generation. The second effort will be a new album by Bounty Killer, who hasn't released a proper album since 1999's The Fifth Element. Look out for both albums in 2007 on Me-Is-A-Rebel Music/VP Records. More details will follow.