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Kevin Misevis Readies For Upcoming Ch'i Gung Piano Performance
Published October 17, 2006

The fact that it's never been done won't hinder the pianist from teaming up with five Ch'i Gung masters from China for an upcoming performance of spontaneous composition and energy healing.

Kevin Misevis, a classical composer and resident of the Catskill Mountains, will debut his distinctly original melding of modern classical piano and the ancient traditional Chinese practice of Ch’i Gung – accompanied not by musicians but by five Ch’i Gung masters from Beijing – in a live performance at Manhattan’s Rubin Museum of Art (RMA) at 2 PM on Sunday October 22.

Ch’i Gung is an ancient Chinese practice aimed at boosting one’s natural energies and well being using movement and the natural rhythm of the breath. While Ch’i Gung masters regularly perform to Eastern music, linking piano and Ch’i Gung is an innovative application not seen before.

The Museum’s motto, “the art of the Himalayas and where they lead you,” makes it an ideal venue for the first public performance of Misevis’s Ch’i Gung-inspired music and dance experience. In his travels and from his mountain home, Misevis has a high regard for holistic thinking and artistic endeavors that exalt the integrity and wholeness of the individual.

“I know from personal experience that we have the means within us to optimize our health and well-being by tapping into the fundamental life energy that is the object of Ch’i Gung,” Misevis said. “I’m grateful to RMA for giving me this platform to share this healthful process through music composed in the spirit of this ancient Chinese art.”

It was on a trip to Beijing that Misevis met and was befriended by five Ch‘i Gung masters led by Master Wan Su Jian. The Ch‘i Gung masters will execute the ancient art of Ch‘i Gung healing in lyrically flowing movements while directing the energy of “Ch‘i” to the composer.

Although Misevis has been composing for four decades, it was only when he began integrating Ch‘i Gung with his music that his gift of spontaneous composition was fully realized. His music is sometimes gentle and minimalist and at other times rages with the force of a concerto. It is music designed to entrain thoughts and concentration and to help in relaxation, healing and energy cultivation.

Ch‘i Gung is an ancient Chinese martial art and healing discipline used extensively in China before the Cultural Revolution – and it is currently undergoing a resurgence in China and elsewhere. Master Wan heads the Beijing Red Cross and is a retired four-star general in the Chinese Army Medical Corps. He comes from a long line of Ch‘i Gung practitioners and treats many high-ranking government officials with Ch‘i Gung and other Chinese traditional medicines.

The Rubin Museum of Art is located at 150 West 17th Street. The tickets are included in the admission to the Museum at a cost of $10. Advance reservations can be made by calling 212.620.5000 ext. 344. For more information, please call 1-800-834-7558.