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Latino Alternative Rockers Cage9 To Release Debut Album
Published October 5, 2006

El Motivo due October 17 on Long Live Crime records. The CD will feature English and Spanish lyrics and a tour is in the works.

Alternative rockers Cage9 are gearing up to unleash its debut CD El Motivo (Long Live Crime Records) on October 17, 2006. The CD will be released in both English and Spanish, and there is also an extensive tour in the works...
Cage9 is Republic of Panama transplants Evan Rodaniche (vocals/rhythm guitar) and Gustavo Aued (bass), and Southern California native Jesse Belz (guitar). Rodaniche is the main songwriter, visionary, and even a recording guru. His production and mixing skills have not only shaped Cage9's sound but that of many other performers: from Latin Grammy-nominated Los Rabanes to Atlantic Records upstarts Big City Rock, and current Rolling Stone and Spin darlings The Willowz. Aued's bass playing charges up the live show with his own style of aggression and untethered energy, and Belz's almost spacey guitar sound and effects is the perfect complement to round out the band. Rodaniche explains, "I like to emphasize the word 'dynamic' when describing our sound. We've got a sharp edge but we don't flail it gratuitously. We feed 100% on the way the songs feel and we always steer towards the emotion of the moment. I think we're very vocal and melody driven, but we're nothing without our guitar lines and percussive, low-end road maps."
El Motivo's first album cut, "Hearts & Stars," has already been the # 2 most requested song on Panama's top rock radio program, and the CD has already received great reviews in many 'zines across the country. According to, "We've been seeing these guy's stencils all over the streets of L.A...these guys are definitely in it to win it," and Kludge Magazine says, "Cage9's work model is one that should be taken by many other bands...they have steadily cultivated a fan base based on tremendous hard work and dedication, not only to bringing new people to shows, but also to refining their songs, constantly growing and evolving." Of their intense live show, L.A.'s Skinnie Magazine says that Cage9, "...have personality and stage presence unlike any local band I've seen."
Stay tuned for more Cage9 news, and tour dates will be announced soon. Meanwhile, for further information, please visit