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NYC's Beth Israel Medical Center Unveils The Louis Armstrong Clinic
Published September 20, 2006

The clinic will address needs of musicians and provide music therapy care to complement medical treatment.

The clinic has a two-fold mission: to address the unique medical needs of musicians and performing artists using music as part of the treatment modality; and to research and provide music therapy care to complement medical treatment for children and teens with asthma and adults with chronic pulmonary or heart disease.

Jazz legend Frank Wess, performing arts advocate and philanthropist Sherry Bronfman and former music-therapy patient and pianist/composer Kevin Robinson will be honored at the celebration. The event will also feature a live jazz performance by Jon Faddis and music from the Broadway cast of Rent. "For centuries, people have known about music's ability to heal. Not only does music help the listener, but it can also benefit the performer,"says Faddis. "At The Music & Health Clinic, music's healing properties have a vital new home. The research and the work performed here take music and medicine into the 21st century and beyond and I am proud to be a part of the Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine's developing community."

The new clinic expands upon Beth Israel's Louis and Lucille Armstrong Music Therapy Program, a program that has served infants, children, adults and their families for the past 11 years. "Through published research, innovative clinical music-therapy services and generous support, our team has played a major role in advancing the field of music therapy in health care," says director Joanne Loewy, DA, MT-BC. The Clinic is made possible by a generous gift from the David B. Kriser Foundation and through the estate of John H. Slade, directed to Beth Israel from hospital trustee Richard Netter with additional support from the Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation.

"New York City is blessed to be home to a rich mix of musicians and performing artists, collectively a compelling group with unique medical and wellness concerns," says Stephan Quentzal, M.D., medical director of the Music & Health Clinic. "The Louis Armstrong Center for Music & Medicine provides an expansive and integrative practice, consisting of a full range of bio-psycho-social and mind-body approaches to care, developed expressly for this fascinating patient population. Our team of consulting physicians, music therapists and various other clinician specialists are thrilled to be part of this special healing haven for our city's beloved artists."

Programs of the Music & Health Clinic:

The Wellness Clinic:
Musicians and performing artists have unique ailments that may be best evaluated and treated through a combination of traditional medical treatment and music, a modality that is comfortable and familiar to them.
* Musicians and performing artists are more prone to certain medical  ailments including overuse, pain, depression and chemical dependency.  
* Our music therapists are trained in the most current interventions that  assist specific cognitive psycho-motivational aspects of depression.  
* Clinical music improvisation facilitated by a trained music  psychotherapist may provide a dynamic healing environment that's easily  accessible for performers.  
* Clinic medical director and music therapists will consult with specialists  from the fields of otolaryngology, orthopaedics, physical therapy, psychiatry,  pain medicine internal medicine, family medicine, cardiology and neurology to  address all aspects of patient care.  
* Low cost for musicians and performing artists who prove eligibility  (playbills, programs or union cards).  
* Overuse Syndrome - musicians are particularly vulnerable to repetitive  motion injures Current research suggests that prevention of overuse lies in  the develo