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Matisyahu Teams Up With Sly & Robbie For New Version Of "Jerusalem"
Published September 13, 2006

Special free download available to fans on and for sale digitally on Sept. 19

Singer Matisyahu recently teamed up with the acclaimed reggae production team of Sly & Robbie to re-record a song close to his heart-and one of his most popular live songs, "Jerusalem," from his gold-selling CD Youth. The newly-energized "Jerusalem (Out of Darkness Comes Light)," is a powerful, anthemic version brimming with stellar beats and
messages of peace, unity and positivity.

Says Matisyahu, "For those who don't know, the name Jerusalem comes from the Hebrew words yira and shalom, meaning "awe," which is complete or whole. This awe allows a person to be fully alive, feel the possibility for life and death at any moment, for love, hate, peace, danger, judgment, compassion, victory, and humility."

Working with Sly & Robbie was an exciting moment for the acclaimed singer as well. "I couldn't pass up the incredible opportunity to work with Sly & Robbie and revisit this song so close to my heart. I encourage you to listen to the words and take in the message behind them."

For Matisyahu's full statement on what Jerusalem means to him visit . Fans who already own Youth can also visit where they can use their Youth CD as a key to unlock a free download of Matisyahu's new version of "Jerusalem (Out Of Darkness Comes Light)." The single will also be available for sale digitally as of Sept. 19.