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2006 Mega Tropical Music Festival Launched
Published August 2, 2006

The 2006 Mega Tropical Music Festival features a series of free Latin Music concerts in the Bronx. This year honors legendary DJ Polito Vega.

R. Paniagua Inc. has launched The 2006 Mega Tropical Music Festival, with a series of free Latin Music concerts in everyone’s favorite beach, Orchard Beach in The Bronx, with musical extravaganzas every Sunday ending with a musical extravaganza Sunday, September 3rd.

This year’s program will be dedicated to the legendary Polito Vega, Mega 97.9FM and will be known as The MEGA Orchard Beach Parties with Polito Vega.  Every Sunday, August 6 thru Sept 3rd from 12-5pm, live interventions by DJ Wreck will air during the Polito Vega show.

The popular music festival will offer 5 ADDITIONAL FREE concerts that will reach New Yorker’s from all boroughs and walks of life.  With a tremendous variety of acts in the genres of Salsa, Jazz, Bachata, Merengue and Reggaeton, The 2006 Mega Orchard Beach Parties,  part of RPI's Tropical Music Festival, launches the Domincan Week in NYC with a spectacular music show and Domino Tournament at the # 1 Latin Beach in NYC.

For many decades Orchard Beach has been a traditional Latino gathering spot every Sunday.  In addition,  Polito Vega has also been the pulse of Tropical music on the radio for the more than 40 year.

The Mega Orchard Beach Parties presents the finest multicultural Caribbean music performers FREE. Visitors and beachgoers will surely enjoy the live entertainment, children’s activities and on-site community services at the health & education pavilions.  At present the schedule calls for the presentation of the following artists.

The show is hosted by Casper Martinez and DJ Wreck.

Sunday August 6th- is the  "Kick off of Dominican Week”.   In addition, The Domino Tournament will be set a musical afternoon centered around a Salsa versus Reggaeton music battle.  An uncanny combination that pits Latino´s favorite table game with the two most popular music genres will make this a very special and definitely a unique afternoon.  Over 140 players are coming to the beach to compete for prizes and a fun afternoon of DOmino. Artist performance will include:

* Dominic (Bachata)

* Bachata Heightz

* Fragancia (Reggaeton)

* Hector Javier (Bachata)

* Grupo Nuniq (Merengue)

* O T N (Reggaeton)

Sponsors include:   Heineken, Health First, Vigo, Rincon Musical, American Airlines, Pepsi, Time WArner Cable, Th New York Daily Nws,  MEGA 97.9FM, Hoy Spanish Newspaper, Cibao Meat Products, US Army, Red Bull.

The Tropical Musc Festival is a production of R. Paniagua, Inc.  For further information visit