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World Music Festivals

Dreamtime Festival
July 13, 2006 - July 16, 2006
Paonia Colorado

The Dreamtime Festival is an annual collaborative music and arts festival, and educational forum, located in the Rocky Mountains just outside of Paonia, Colorado.

The festival uniquely combines art, celebration, and music with an intention of learning and transformation.

Weaving themes of sustainability, personal development, creativity, holistic healing, gift economy, positive social change, ritual, social and personal responsibility, and manifestation - we dream the future together, and create a magical and unforgettable experience that serves ourselves and the world.

Participants come and camp for four days and enjoy live performances, music and world class bands on multiple stages, theme camps, art installations and an astounding number of workshops.

Dreamtime is an open canvas for dancing, interactive sculptures, costumes, fire performances, music, theater, spoken word, multimedia, fashion shows, DJs, a myriad of workshops, movement classes, nature walks, healing camps, yoga, acoustic performance and your inspired contribution.

Together in Dreamtime we envision and embrace our deeper dreams, learn, connect and co-create in an atmosphere of celebration, participation, creative expression and community.

Artists include: Kan'Nal, AAA, Buddha Bomb, Dubconscious, Arjun and Guardians Fractalia, Lion Vibes, Love Scene Clear, Down With Naked, Human Revolution, Tribal Electra, Bamboche, Underskore Orchestra