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World Music Festivals

MANTRA International World Music Festival 2007
February 1, 2007 - February 3, 2007
Miami Florida

There has been a movement underway in The “Magic City,” Miami-Florida. The movement has been a cultural revolution in Music and Art, by Mantra. Mantra Sounds produces music and art festivals, such as The 2000 Mantra Alliance Concert & HIV Benefit, The 2001 AFRICANDO Arts & Cultural Festival, The 2002 International Port Fest, The Mantra International World Music Festival 2004, The 2005 Uniting Artists for Tsunami Benefit, The 2006 Discover Miami Festival, The 2006 North Miami Public Library Poetry Festival. In February 2007, Miami, Florida will host the 2007 Superbowl XLI. There will be thousands of fans in South Florida enjoying the Superbowl, and that is why we are planning our next, MANTRA Festival. And, now is the time to Sponsor or participate in, the 2007 Mantra International World Music Festival! The main event Venues, Conferences and Workshop locations have not been confirmed for the next MANTRA International World Music Festival.


Performers include world music artists: MANTRA (World Music Ensemble)-Headliners, Macarldie (Steel drum master, pianist, vocalist, recording artist from Tortola, British Virgin Islands),Brazilian music, Latin/Spanish music, Austrian music, USA American music and International Music from around the World.  Visit the Mantra Festival website for all schedules and details on the next Mantra Festival.