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World Music CD Reviews Electronica


By Ernest Barteldes
Published June 27, 2006


On this collection, actually only the second release by Nortec Collective despiteits title, the DJs and electronic musicians who make up the core of the group bring any and every sound that they possibly can into the larger realm of Mexican music. There are plenty of thumping beats and loops, some rock-inflected guitar, tributes to the sound of New Orleans and even a nod to the Balkans. On “Funky Tamazula,” they meld the trumpets of Mexamerica with electric jazz influences, as trumpeter Jorge Gonzales plays a solo that sounds almost Cuban-esque, as if he wanted to honor Arturo Sandoval. On “Olvidela Compa,” an accordion is backed by a lounge-meets reggae beat, while extraneous sound effects add to the song’s relaxed feel. “Autobanda” has Bourbon Street elements to it, with its ska trumpet backing and marching band-like percussion. Listening to “Almada,” it’s easy to notice that the musicians have even brought inspiration from Eastern Europe into their blend. And the hedonistic ’80s feel of “Narcotéque” will make any listener want to hit the dance floor.