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World Music CD Reviews Jazz


By Ernest Barteldes
Published June 27, 2006


Italian jazz trumpeter Enrico Rava joins pianist Stefano Bollani and drummer Paul Motian in a very subtle but also musically rich collection of mostly original songs written individually by the musicians, the only exceptions being a heartfelt rendition of George Gershwin’s “The Man I Love,” possibly recorded as a tribute to the historic recording by Monk and Davis. Here, the trio finds its own voice within the melody without losing touch with the song’s roots. Another highlight is the incredible take on Puccini’s “E Lucevan Le Stelle,” in which the classical composer is honored by having his composition respectfully jazzed up. Bollani is showcased on his “Casa di Bambola,” in which Rava and  Motian almost serve as background players: There are a few clever trumpet insertions, and the drums work in an incredibly quiet manner. Listen closely to “Birdsong,” in which the pianist plays virtually by himself, with few cymbal insertions by Motian, the song’s writer.