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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


By Jill Ettinger
Published June 27, 2006


Amazing things happen on dance floors. A gathering of subtle synchronicities fuses DJ closer with dancer, hour after hour after hour until so tightly connected it’s as if one can no longer exist without the other. It is a modern tribal ritual, phenomenon even, and Fabian Alsultany, founder of New York City’s finest DJ crew, GlobeSonic, is the shaman brewing up this sonic elixir of late nights. Alsultany’s second release on Escondida, Bar Brasilia takes listeners (er, dancers) on a journey to the heart of dance itself: Brazil. Beginning with the unrelenting “Sambadream” by Carlinhos Brown and DJ Dero, Alsultany hints at the magic yet to come. And it just keeps coming abracadabra style: Arakatuba and Faze Action’s “Felix” is soft to start, but soon a tribal, jungle journey. Tracks by DJ Dolores (unreleased original “Azougue”), Zuco 103 (“Morro Electrico”) and Thievery Corporation (“Pela Janela”) deliver from start to finish. Brazil’s musical influence has touched all corners of this globe, a noteworthy contribution. Perhaps just as worthy the recognition: a DJ that distills it all down to 13 dance-till-your-feet-bleed tracks.