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World Music CD Reviews Electronica


By William Bloomhuff
Published June 22, 2006

Buddha Bar Presents Living Theater Vol. 1

Buddha Bar and composer Baldassare have oozed out this disc of fashionable muzak for those who like their world music without any rough edges or recognizable references. Plenty of Euro-lounge tracks that hope to convey the languid haze of a Mediterranean café society, cutting and pasting a variety of sampled "ethnic" riffs along the sun-baked way. Baldassare can certainly write in a variety of genres, but only a few tracks hold up under repeated listenings. The last few songs rise above the standard café/hair salon soundtrack stuff however. Everything holds together on "A Good Day To Die" except for, well, the lyrics. If I hear drummer Billy Cobham's sinister 1970's Spectrum ripped off—oops—I mean sampled one more time... For all you scenemakers from Beirut to Ibiza to Paris, Living Theater can keep your designer buzz moving along nicely, safe from any compelling melodies or challenging rhythms.