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World Music CD Reviews South Asia


By William Bloomhuff
Published June 22, 2006

Invisible Rain
Shakti Records

This sounds like chill music in the lounge of the Groove Hotel in New Dehli. Everything on TJ Rehmi's debut disc sounds just right. TJ lays in the atmospherics and ambient breakbeats, then melds in the traditional Indian percussion, sarangi, and bansuri flute. It's a hot and fiery curry one moment, then a subtle, stylish iced drink in the bar the next. "Shaam Aye" has a sarod working overtime to set a funky and melodic groove that punches along and will have you shaking your sari. Powerful bhangra/jungle rhythms set the tone for the thunderous "Soft Equations." The compositions are interesting and the production cutting edge. Invisible Rain is a mature work from an emerging artist that may have the likes of Talvin Singh looking over his shoulder.