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Published June 5, 2006

The Gab o Mey
Green Linnet

Over a decade strong, Old Blind Dogs’ co-founders (and last original members) Jonny Hardie and Buzzby McMillan prove the old adage of the sum being greater than individual parts. The lineup may change regularly but the warm Celtic-roots sound this Scottish band creates consistently raises the bar. Lead singer Jim Malcolm’s inviting tones rival original vocalist Ian Benzie, and new percussionist Fraser Stone provides a push that’s been missing of late. Rory Campbell’s whistles and small pipes keep the music anchored in tradition, but the foundation continues to be Hardie and McMillan. Their backing vocals provide perfect harmony to Malcolm, Hardie’s fiddle and McMillan’s bass and cittern providing the musical core everything else builds around. The Gab o Mey blends classic tunes with originals, making them sound warmly antiquated, but ultimately inviting.