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Published May 30, 2006

Legend Of The Warrior
Makoché World

The Lakota Way
Makoché World

The Makoché imprint has made huge strides in sharing quality Native American sounds and stories with the world, and two of its artists are on the forefront, running the range from instrumentals to spoken word. Cheyenne flutist Joseph Fire Crow grew up pounding on washtubs at powwows at a poverty-stricken reservation in Montana, and nearly lost touch with his heritage before turned to the yearning, haunting sound of the flute. Embracing his ancestors’ history and the wolf-songs that tell their tales, the Grammy-nominated Fire Crow (for his album Cheyenne Nation) creates the perfect ancient/modern audio combination during Legend Of The Warrior. Offering another tribe’s perspective is author/screenwriter Joseph M. Marshall III (Ohitiya Otanin), reading six stories from his award-gathering book The Lakota Way, which explores “Native American wisdom on ethics and character.” Accompanied by class-act musicians Joseph Fire Crow, Keith Bear and Andrew Vasquez, Marshall adeptly continues the traditions of his storytelling family, relating engaging sagas about the development of sympathy, humility, generosity, honor, love and perseverance. If you have a pile of Native American CDs or are just dipping an ear into the realm, these albums are an inspired addition.