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'Uganda Rising' Wins Coveted Audience Award at Renowned Hotdocs International Documentary Film Festival
Published May 9, 2006

The Canadian-produced, directed and written film sells out both its screenings at the highest attended Hotdocs festival in history, and enjoys positive reviews from numerous critics.

The Canadian produced, directed and written documentary film, Uganda Rising, received one of 10 coveted Audience Awards at this year’s HotDocs International Documentary Film Festival, which took place in Toronto, Canada, April 28th-May 7th, 2006.

Uganda Rising world premiered at HotDocs on May 4th to a sold out audience, and followed with a second sold out screening at the festival at on May 6th.  Out of 101 films screened at the festival, Uganda Rising generated such an impact with its audiences that it secured an Audience Award.

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival wrapped up its most successful year to date on Sunday May 7th, shattering all previous attendance records. The thirteenth annual Festival presented 101 films in 153 screenings over the past ten days, achieving a 25% increase in total over-all attendance, pushing the Festival's audience to over 50 000. The Festival's dedicated volunteer corps also grew to an all-time high of 250 people. A must-attend event for the international documentary community, Hot Docs' accredited industry delegates also leapt in number, from 1700 in 2005 to 1800.

Originally titled When Elephants Fight: Stolen Children in Uganda’s Hidden War, the 82-minute documentary Uganda Rising has garnered acclaim from numerous film critics as well as the support of dozens of NGOs across North America and Europe for its groundbreaking story about the 20-year war and humanitarian crisis in northern Uganda. The film includes a rare interview with Uganda’s President Museveni (when he was a rebel leader working to overthrow Idi Amin’s coup) as well as interviews with human rights experts Mahmood Mandami, Samantha Power, Noam Chomsky, Honourable Lloyd Axworthy, and internationally renowned northern Uganda peace negotiator Betty Bigombe.

Uganda Rising is an Act For Stolen Children production, funded by the not-for-profit society Mindset Media. Visit for more information.

Producer: Alison Lawton

Director and Editor: Jesse James Miller

Director and Writer: Pete McCormack