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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


Published May 5, 2006

Dance And Dense Denso

On their latest, Molotov starts off sounding pretty darn evil, with screeching vocals, smashing drums and speed-metal guitars. But by the end of the tune, when the singer starts acting— really, there’s no other word for it—silly, you feel like you’re now in on the joke. This Mexican rap-metal outfit shows the limitations of the rock en espanol label. First, they sing in a mosh of Spanish and English. Second, there are virtually no elements of other Latin genres. With a rapidly increasing international fan base, Molotov is all about speed and volume; that is to say they play fast and loud. But while the music may provoke abandon, it is definitely crafted and polished. These headbangers might not like to admit it, but they are—ugh!— craftsmen. Another thing that differentiates the band is their boys-will-be-boys sense of humor. They might sound menacing at times, but the overall sense one gets is that these are fun-loving guys, even if their black humor is not ready for prime time.