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World Music Concerts & Festivals

De Sevilla: Compania Flamenco Juan Polvillo
May , 2006
Joe's Pub, 425 Lafayette St.
New York New York



Don't miss this extraordinary night of flamenco dance and music as the The Compania Juan Polvillo presents "De Sevilla," a captivating hour of flamenco dance and music accompanied by the ancient rhythms of North India's classical kathak, a forbearer to the famed flamenco tradition of Andalucia. The performance will feature dances by Juan Polvillo and Maha Akhtar who together choreographed the pieces mixing both flamenco and kathak rhythms and movements. Jose Manuel Tudela on guitar, Emilio Cabello and El Tane singers, and Sanju Sahai, tabla, have been working together to create a series of pieces which also feature both art forms. The end result promises to be exotic and powerful.

" be a flamenco star you also need a fierce attitude..A dancer out of Seville, Juan Polvillo let the house know why he was all that and then some. His solo number featured him in a white suit over an electric-green shirt, executing a fast-paced allegria in 12-count. As he performed athletic moves, his sweat-drenched ponytail whipped about his manly jaw. Polvillo's strongly accented steps had the Pub clapping the beats in traditional palmas fashion. A sudden grab of his bum in time to the music or a gyrating pelvis set the crowd to "OlĂ©!"-ing." - New York Press