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Published May 2, 2006

Dance With LBS

If there is a bar band in heaven, it could very easily sound like La Bottine Souriante. Rollicking fun with a pure, acoustic sound, this garrulous Quebecois band plays with precision and power, peerless in putting smiles on faces. The group began 26 years ago exploring the French-Celtic music of Quebec. While the personnel has changed over the years, and they took the unusual step of adding a brass section, the formula has stayed the same: keep feet tapping (including the use of a Quebecois tradition of one player beating out a rhythm with taps on his shoes). With its swinging brass section, the band stretched tradition, adding all sorts of colorings: big band jazz, funk, even Latin. This collection culls only from high-octane tunes (the majority of their material in reality). With the musical pedal to the metal, Dance With LBS will leave you breathless. While it starts to get a bit repetitious, the second half showcases their more adventurous tunes. See them live if you can, but here is a taste of the good times they brew up.