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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


Published May 2, 2006


Born in Brazil, Bïa was raised in Chile, Peru and Portugal, and lives presently in France. After two albums (the first having won the prestigious Grand Prix de l’Académie Charles Gros in 1997), the singer recorded parts of Carmin in Paris and parts in Québec, where she performs regularly. The title refers to a bright red color, symbolic of passion and the bright sun. Bïa’s music is indeed a sunny composite of Brazilian bossa nova and samba mixed with Latin rhythms. Although most songs are originals (and most in Portuguese), Bïa also sings in French, including an original called “Je n’aime pas,” Chico Buarque’s “Dans mon coeur (Terezinha)” and Henri Salvador’s “J’ai vu (Eu Vu).” The album closes with the timeless “Inti,” an excerpt from a traditional Aymara text. Carmin is a<