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Published May 2, 2006

Twango Bango III
David Lindley, Inc.

David Lindley is extremely talented, proficient on a wide array of instruments. He has a knack for blending genres seamlessly and writing catchy, witty songs that cling to memory for days. But as was evident from his first solo CD over 20 years ago, Lindley is eccentric, mildly wacky, and seems to progress/digress further as each year passes. This is not a bad thing. He has stepped from the comforts and constraints of the major labels to self-produce and release his latest, Twango Bango III. The Twango Bango series (all played with percussionist extraordinaire and partner in musical absurdity, Wally Ingram) has allowed Lindley to vent his frustrations, experiment wildly and have a good time making music. From the Arabian flourishes of “Little Sadie” to the ZZ Top-sounding blues on “When A Guy Gets Boobs,” the disc bobs and weaves, never predictable, yet jelling as a whole. His quirky, nasal twang helps thread it together. Available only at concerts and on Lindley’s website (, it’s worth the effort to find this highly unusual, highly entertaining disc.