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World Music CD Reviews Europe


By Derek Beres
Published April 26, 2006

Chill Out In Paris 2
George V

Cashing in on the apocryphal duality of opposing forces, David Visan dubs his latest two-disc effort, respectively, “Love” and “Hate.” True to the nature of contradiction, however, is the result: namely, one incredible disc outshining a much weaker effort. “Love” offers a generic, ambient backdrop with new-age-laden tracks found on numerous other comps, including Balthazar’s unfortunately Middle Eastern “Red Sand” and Govi’s flamenco-esque “Rising in Love.” On the other hand, “Hate” is one of the strongest George V collections to date, a continual series of serious dance-floor-crushing, four-on-the-floor bass-stomping jams, including Don Peyote /Marcell Cellier’s percussive-heavy “Bulgarian Interlude,” Malik’s sudden jazz breaking “Deep Throat,” and a remix of Zohar’s “Ehad” doing more justice than the original. Turning it down late-style, Karsh Kale’s “Longing” offers a resplendent display of surreal South Asian musical architecture, equally matched in paradoxical softness by d’Zihan and Kamien’s “2 Minutes.” Apparently, Visan has found the perfect amount of love in hate, but needs to add a little of the latter to the former.