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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


By Vince Attard
Published April 26, 2006

Heads Up

A pioneer in his own right, Roberto Perera found a way to integrate his Paraguayan harp playing into the somewhat instrumentally conservative soundscape of smooth jazz. On Sensual, Perera continues his craft of presenting contemporary jazz textures flavored with Latin-American cadence and amorous themes. Relaxing, yet pulsing atmospheres grace the record, which moves with the energy of a dark, after-hours slink between a hot, sexed-up dance floor and a soothing cocktail lounge. A cozy danceability flames in the rumba flavorings of “Un Beso” to the Brazilian-Paraguayan crossroads that infuses the minor jazz chord firings on “Cruising Leblon.” Elastic guitar, and Kenny G-esque sax complement Perera’s harp beautifully on “Gina,” one of the prettiest moments on the mostly instrumental set. Renowned Central American singer Luis Enrique adds sensuous vocals on “Gracias a La Vida,” a jazz-pop arrangement showcasing creamy bass and whistling synths. The jazzy, dancy and comfy feelings of Sensual make it a fitting selection for both the nightspot circuit as well as the bed set.