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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


By Marie Elsie St. Léger
Published April 26, 2006

In the Arms of Love: Lullabies 4 Children + Adults
Higher Octave Music

Alone with his guitar, luitar (a fretless, lutelike instrument), field recordings and synths, nouveau flamenco artist Liebert enters the world of dreams, slowing his usual flamenco attack, stretching out his ideas, smoothing out the rougher edges. Indeed, In the Arms of Love: Lullabies 4 Children + Adults cradles listeners both young and old: Prayer bells toll on “Twilight Rain”; the electronic drone on “A Secret Garden” is almost as soothing as bumblebees looping over petals; the rhythmic sound of wheels quietly speeding over rails rocks “Dreaming on the Starlight Train.” Liebert turns the volume up a tad occasionally, only to turn it down again with sounds of the forest drawing an active imagination into a magically languid world, as he does on “Ode 2 the Morning Star,” or rushing water on “Soft Blue Spiral: The Lull of Falling Waters.” In the Arms of Love could use more of the ups and downs of sleeping visions—both the pleasant and the nightmarish—but there is no denying the seductiveness of Liebert’s textural sounds.