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World Music CD Reviews South Asia


By Sari Heifetz
Published April 26, 2006

Redesign: Realize Remixed
Six Degrees

The Asian Massive vibe takes over: Thundering into clear vision through a cloud of smoke is Karsh Kale’s fusion of Indian ragas and drum ’n’ bass/dance music. A percussionist and a Brooklynite, Kale remixes his works with such figures as sarangi master Sultan Khan. He refers to Redesign as a continuation of his original breakthrough recording Realize, featuring traditional Indian musicians and singers on puree mode with powerful electronic rhythms and sounds by this Asian Massive movement leader and his accomplices. Here with the New York underground posse (including Navdeep, Mighty Junn, Ming and FS, and DK Pyar Amor), as well as remix master Bill Laswell and drum ’n’ bassers Banco de Gaia, he creates trance-like visions, rhythms, bhangra beats and traditional Indian spices that are reliably hallucinogenic and well exceed dancefloor requirements. DJ Spooky even throws down some hip-hop funk on “One Step Beyond.” One of the magical aspects of tabla is that the sound it produces can act as both rhythm and melody, producing that ancient yet millennial feel, the sign of a true elixir.