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World Music CD Reviews World Fusion


By Sari Heifetz
Published April 26, 2006

Earth N Bass Vol.1
Triloka Records

This electronically globalized compilation by world music guru/producer /DJ/GlobeSonic NYC presenter Sultan 32 is a beat-infused, futuristic journey through the sounds of the world. Sultan 32 sees DJ culture as a potential answer to the spiritually fragmented human race and believes in the ceremonial aspect that surrounds the trance-like scenario of a dance club, where the energy uplifts and unifies. We take off with a Sultan 32 remix, followed by Ex-Centric Sound System’s exploration of the Israel/Africa connection in which hip-hop beats reach a spiritual climax. A Manu Chao remix is overflowing with electro-cumbia and reliably hi-energy reggae/ska vocals, while Karsh Kale, enigma that he is, resurfaces with elevated tabla-trance and an Indian/drum ‘n’ bass stance. Bill Laswell-the-incredible remixes Ethiopian diva Gigi’s manifestations of pop-jazz-funk into a pulse that resonates with the open space within. The end is a new beginning inspired by Krishna Das (who founded Triloka Records after an Indian pilgrimage inspired by the omnipresent Baba Ram Dass), emanating the harmonic sounds of the most high.