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World Music CD Reviews Europe


Published April 19, 2006

Original Face
CyberOctave Music

Producer/percussionist Chris Deckker is an European seeking to get in touch with his natural, healing self—and he wants everyone else to join in. He’s behind the notorious “Return to the Source” dance club nights in London, as well as the worldly “Earthdance,” simultaneous foot-stomping and booty-shaking for peace and love gatherings. Deckker also burns off energy as Medicine Drum, sneaking up on us with this third album. Original Face relates to a Zen koan discussing “the face you had before you were born” and it cranks up the way-back machine, set for self-realization and relaxation. Deckker’s usual suspects are joined by the Eagle Spirit Native American Drum and Dance Group, and the resultant brisk beats and mesmerizing electronics are smoothed over by luscious strings, winsome flutes, deep drones and edgy vocals. Medicine Drum has run the good vibe gamut (Burning Man, Glastonbury Festival, Mt. Fuji Festival, USA: WOMAD, more) and another celebration for purity and light is in the works, called the 20,000 Drums event.