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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


Published April 19, 2006

The Santa Fe Sessions
Higher Octave

Ottmar Liebert has always seemed like a wandering spirit, a nice fit for his flamenco creations. In 12 years of recording he has released 14 albums, constantly expanding the notions and parameters of this genre. For Santa Fe Sessions he has taken 10 of his most famous compositions, revisited and fleshed them out with his ever-expanding band and guitar expertise. Most artists would never go back and change what the public has embraced, but this adventuresome minstrel returns to rebuild, keeping the core while reconfiguring anew. Some songs are longer, while others changed in structure and form. The horn section adds nice heat to the mix and Liebert’s strumming continues to open up. The two new tracks he’s composed for this release stand tall among these classics.