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World Music CD Reviews World Fusion


By Tom Jackson

Urban Dervish
Hubble Bubble

Their name is a corruption of "oojamaflip," a sound you might utter when you can't remember the proper word. It's an appropriate moniker for a project that so resolutely defies definition: crossing borders with the like a cloud of storks flying over the Bosporus. The brainchild of London-based Turkish musician Necmi Cavli, Ooojami have sniped at the world music mainstream for a while, and on this, their fourth album, they serve up a groovesome platter of derbouka 'n' bass. French, Spanish and Turkish language vocals, ragga rhythms, Algerian percussion and North London rap come together to make up Oojami's version of the Sound of Green Lanes. An ex-schoolteacher but a born entrepreneur, Cavli hosts a series of regular Hubble Bubble nights round the UK bringing together his busy beats, bleeps and bellydancers. What holds the live show together is the groove. That underpins the disc, too: if you choose to take the plunge, roll back the (Turkish) carpet and soon you'll find yourself spinning toward Another Place, becoming the Urban Dervish to this beguiling, hallucinatory soundtrack.