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Mike Patton

Tzadik Label Music Series: New Voices From Japan

May 12, 2006 - May 13, 2006

New Voices From Japan features a brilliant kaleidoscope of sounds from the boldest vocal works in Japan’s new music scene.
Japan Society, 333 East 47th St.
New York New York

japan society PRESENTS two concerts OF BOLD NEW


New Voices from Japan

featuring Haino Keiji, Makigami Koichi, Yamataka Eye,
and special U.S.-based guests

New York, NY – Japan Society’s 2005-2006 performing arts season concludes with two separate concerts that represent an unprecedented meeting of Japan's avant-garde vocal-music masters and U.S.-based experimental musicians. Curated by renowned composer-musician John Zorn and presented in collaboration with his independently operated record label, Tzadik Label Music Series: NEW VOICES FROM JAPAN features a brilliant kaleidoscope of sounds from the boldest vocal works in Japan’s new music scene. The roster includes underground noise guitar-hero and Japanese superstar Haino Keiji; vocalist-composer and theremin pioneer Makigami Koichi, known for leading the long-running underground band Hikashu; and disquieting iconoclast Yamataka Eye, who first garnered public attention with his violent noise group Hanatarash and later as the front man vocalist for the Boredoms. Dynamic American-based musical guests include voice-master and leader of Fantômas Mike Patton, post-classical composer Jim O’Rourke, breath-taking laptop pioneer Ikue Mori, and John Zorn himself.

Performances run Fri. & Sat., May 12 & 13 at 7:30 pm. Two day passes are $46 / $38 for Japan Society members, and single tickets are $35 / $30 for Japan Society members. Call 212-715-1258 or visit to purchase tickets or for more information. Japan Society is located at 333 East 47th St. (accessible by the 4/5/6 at 42nd St. or E & V at 53rd St.-Lexington).

John Zorn has been a central figure in NYC's downtown music scene since 1975. With countless records to his name, Zorn incorporates a wide range of musicians in various compositional formats. His experimental work in rock and jazz with the bands Naked City and Masada has earned him a large cult following. Dedicated to releasing exemplary avant-garde and experimental music, Zorn founded the Tzadik record label in 1995. Under the label he has recorded dozens of seminal albums.

Makigami Koichi is a Japanese avant-garde vocalist whose strong background in theater extends from his 1973 beginning with the Tokyo Kid Brothers to ongoing relationship with Richard Foreman. Along with performing and directing his own company, Ulysses, he was a member of the innovative music group Hikashu. His first solo album appeared on the Toshiba label in 1982. Often accompanying himself on the theremin, Koichi has performed with Davis Moss, Betsuni Nanmo Klezmer featuring Umezu Kazutoki, and toured with cellist Erik Friendlander, accordionist Ted Reichman and trumpeter Frank London. Neil Gladstone of the Philadelphia City Paper noted Koichi "creates emotive improvisation using grunts, purrs and huffs. With accompaniment ranging from mouth harp to ragged percussion, it can be dramatic, riveting and inane, but always intriguing."

Yamataka Eye first garnered public attention with his existentially challenging noise group Hanatarash. Their recordings, while intensely powerful presentations of chaos, only hinted at the destructive potential of the live performances. The most infamous shows had Yamataka nearly lopping his own leg off with a saw, and driving a small backhoe into the wall of the club. In the mid-80’s Yamataka founded the Boredoms, a collaboration that has evolved from complex, hyper-accelerated punk rock to their use of repetitive and trance-inducing sound effects. Over the years the Boredoms’ popularity reached fanatic heights; they were featured in 1996 Lollapalooza Festival in Las Vegas, New York and Detroit; later that year they toured Denmark, Holland, France, Germany and England with the Roskilde Festival.  In 1998 they toured England’s Glastonbury Festival and in 1999 they toured to Sydney