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World Music CD Reviews World Fusion


Published April 14, 2006

Various Artists Mixed by DJ Red Buddha
Blue Flame

This collection of electronica and trance spans all continents, a harmonious nexus of music from Sweden and Sudan, Trinidad and Mongolia, India and Uzbekistan. The two-disc set is separated into Ethno Lounge—a compilation of mood music set for insightful introspection—and Ethno Club, tracks intended for dancing revelation. The winding, rhythmic grooves set the listener at ease while gently nudging toward elevation. The blend of reggae, Middle Eastern lyricism and percussive African tracks unfolds on the palate in an experience of varied blossoming flavor. Juxtaposing the jazzy “Foto Viva” of Mo’Horizons with the trance-like “Love Supreme” from Dissidenten/DJ Badmarsh and the Rasta “Jah Never Fail Me Yet” from Brother Resistance, the myriad is captivating.  Other big names popping up include Genetic drugs, Cheb i Sabbah and Blue Planet. The hard-hitting percussion and scuffling vocals of Taufiq’s “Taalisma” goes tribal after Agua Loca rocks you with salsa on the side.