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Published April 14, 2006


The straight-talking Patty Larkin croons introspection with a voice conveying strength in discovery. Red=Luck casts a prism view of disconnection and soul searching, Larkin claiming it “a meditation on hope.” The tunes explore depths of loneliness, as well as breaking free into the sunlight of rebirth. Clearly the work of a wise and accomplished artist, Larkin incorporates Middle Eastern and Celtic into folk, pop and R&B, all on a backdrop of girl and guitar. Her instrumental accomplishments are clear, spanning acoustic and electric guitar, slide, mandolin, bouzouki, lap steel, accordion, piano and harmonica. The pristine elegance of “Too Bad” is punctuated by the meditative sorrow of “All That Innocence” in this intimate portrait. Showing up for support are Jeff Lang, Merrie Amsterberg, Willy Porter and a score of others broadening the rainbow of sound. The recipient of 11 Boston Music Awards, Larkin exposes humanity anew; stretching to find connection, her heartfelt search is narrated on its circuitous route.