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World Music CD Reviews Reggae & Caribbean


Published April 14, 2006

Virtuous Woman

Higher Level

These guys stand on opposite sides of dancehall. Newcomer Warrior King sings conscious roots-style reggae like the already classic “Never Go Where Pagans Go.” He even has a nyahbinghi track in “Health And Strength.” Although the 23-year-old is not always in full control of his voice, most tracks are solid, while the subject matter generally ranges from “Love Jah And Live” to “Jah Is Always There.” He also does a decent remake of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On,” croons a love ballad called “Baby Don’t Worry,” including a smooth-jazz remix of his own, “Oh Mama,” backed by just sax and guitar. On the other extreme is Elephant Man of the Scare Dem Crew. Once again E-Man turns to R. Kelly for melody, adopting Kelly’s hit “The World’s Greatest” for “Bad Man A Bad Man.” And there is, of course, plenty of dirty lyricism over pounding computer rhythms. Guests include Jagwa on two cuts and Jarvis Church on the hook-heavy “Run For Your Life.” If you don’t mind the language, Elephant will get the party started quickly.