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World Music CD Reviews World Fusion


By Judson Kilpatrick

The Warm Chill
Dharma Moon

Birmingham, England's TJ Rehmi has been fusing bhangra, jazz and dance-music influences for years while producing, performing and studying with a wide variety of musicians. His latest album is much more understated than his last one, Invisible Rain, and is more consistently down-tempo (hence the title). Highlights include the lightly funky beat of the album's opening track, "You Are We Am I?(Red Mix)," and the reggae-style bassline of "Lone Rider," which Rehmi adorns with lovely Spaghetti-Western guitar licks. Near the end, he includes one of his trademark drum-and-bass cuts ("For The Unknown") on which the busy little beats are smoothed over with flute soloing and soft synths. As warm and inviting as a scented bath, this soothing blend of gentle guitars and tablas, Eastern melodies and electronic rhythms deserves to be discovered by the New Age crowd. Those who know Rehmi through his many remixes, however, would be well advised to check out the more club-friendly cuts on Invisible Rain first.